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Bloxico is your Blockchain and Crypto Business Partner

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What makes us unique?

Bloxico is a company founded in 2018 by Nenad Tanaskovic and several blockchain and fintech experts with the idea of creating second to none software products in fintech and Web3 domain. As a company, we are focused on continuous innovation, always searching for new solutions that would utilize the technology we need to reach our goals: use Blockchain to revolutionize the way Business is done.

Quality being our priority, our objective is always to offer excellent service to our clients. Bloxico, which has seen an astonishing growth of 1152% since its inception, currently gathers a team of 100+ highly skilled professionals and was recognized internationally by being ranked 9th on The Deloitte Technology Fast 50 Central Europe list.


Here's what we can do

Focused on empowering users, Bloxico’s goal is to assist in turning any vision into reality via blockchain. We are here to support you at every step of the way, from idea validation, over funding, to the full launch of your product. The services we offer:

Software Development
We provide cutting-edge solutions and exceptional customer service, delivering innovative and reliable software that exceeds client expectations. With blockchain as our specialty, we create scalable and high-performing software solutions to meet the business requirements of our clients. Using our tech expertise and cross-industry experience, our ultimate goal is to create long lasting value for our clients.
IT Outsourcing
Sometimes outsourcing is the best way to find a team or a partner who can work with you and assist you in building your product.. We provide outstaffing services that allow our clients to expand their development capabilities by supplementing their in-house teams with highly skilled and experienced professionals, ensuring that their projects are completed on time and within budget. 
Blockchain Consulting
We offer expertise and consultancy in a number of areas  (blockchain, software development, project and product management, definition of business requirements etc.), providing our clients with tailored solutions, guidance, and support to help them achieve their business goals and stay ahead of industry trends. 


Acomplishments speak for themselves



The Keevotary System is Keevo’s digital identity platform. Certification process to authenticate individuals with a cryptographic signature backed up by encrypted Personally Identifiable Information (PII), a notarized affidavit attesting to their identity and a certificate from a US Public Notary via which has verified their identity and supporting information.



Thanks to cooperation with Protocol Labs (PL), which is developing protocols for Web3, we participate in the project Filecoin – a decentralized storage network designed to store humanity’s most important information. We built tool which is closing the discrepancy between specification and the actual state of implementations.

Atala Scan

Atala Scan

Listening to the needs of companies, Bloxico, as IOHK partner, has developed a mobile application called Atala Scan, which leverages blockchain technology to develop a tamper-proof system to establish product provenance and auditability to ensure every sold product is certifiably original and is not tempered with.


We are proud of who we are


Bloxico’s company culture strives towards responsibility, simplicity, and correctness as core values and advocate for open communication and solution-seeking ways of thinking and functioning. We thrive on complex projects and love challenges because we believe that every problem has a solution if you are creative enough. We value the “I don’t know” sentence with a smile on your face as much as all the rest! Join an international team that seeks real, sustainable change in the world.

Our Values
● Consistent (not Impulsive)
● Responsibility
● Reliability
● Effective (not Efficient – Doing the right things vs. doing things right)
● Simplicity (do not complicate)
● Ability to improve
● Work smart, not hard
● Are you coming with a solution or are you a part of the problem
Our Team

Bloxico team that boasts over 100 associates and combines experience and youth, with a focus on continuous growth and learning, is a recipe for our success. Our team consists of a diverse group of people with diverse backgrounds and levels of experience. Our dedication, professionalism, strong work ethic and commitment to adopting new ideas and technologies, sets us apart from other teams in the industry.

Founding Team: Nenad Tanaskovic, Ken Metcalf, Dragutin Vukotic

Our Partners
In the portfolio of valuable clients, Bloxico has world-leading Web3 industry-leading players: IOG (Cardano), Protocol Labs (Filecoin), Keevo, DLabs, Twog Nation, Artshares srl, FMS, Institute Mihailo Pupin, Association of Serbian Banks, Block369, Amplyfire, Utrecht University, Final Fight Championship, GG, Harmonity Solutions, We3, ChainApp, CopyLeft, Digital Atrium,, Ethernal, as well as a business presence in South Africa, Europe, Middle East, USA, and Australia.

Join us on this journey

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