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Bloxico Software Solutions is a startup founded in 2018 by several blockchain and fintech experts with the goal to create products that make the world more eco-friendly. In time, several companies reached out and we wanted to utilize our knowledge to help them transform their vision into a reality via blockchain. Here are some of the examples.


Blockchain Distributed Energy Resources
B-DER is a Utrecht University project investigating the use of Blockchain for peer-to-peer energy trading between households using Hyperledger Fabric framework.
  • Optimal power flow and trading are combined in a single optimization problem.
  • A real dataset from a prosumer community in Amsterdam is used.
  • The role of a smart contract as a virtual aggregator is described in a detailed manner.
  • Import cost reductions of up to 34.9% are found for the combined model.
  • The combined model shows 50% reduced peak energy imports.
Energycoin Dashboard
Sustainable Systems
EnergyCoin is a Peer to Peer cryptocurrency based on the disruptive Bitcoin technology. Transactions in EnergyCoin run on the Proof of Stake protocol. Bloxico, together with Energycoin foundation, created a dashboard to track the various applications that utilize this currency, at the same time calculating the energy savings users made. One part of the Energycoin dashboards was also a Block Explorer that showed energy savings for each transaction.
Wallet, Block Explorer, Lite Wallet, Vault
One of the pioneer cryptocurrencies in the world, Gamecredits was established in 2014 with the goal to unite gamers across the world. During the development, our team developed various Wallets, Block Explorer, Vaults, SDKs and APIs.
Sacret Life Ecosystem
Blockchain Ecosystem for Connecting People
Sacret Life is a blockchain platform where partners can connect, promote and sell their products, such as live events, e-learning programs, webinars, and other products from health food and care. The entire partner system and affiliate network are on the Ethereum blockchain, making it transparent and immutable - everybody gets their share.
Enercity Platform
As a Service for Golang Development
Enercity is a Continuous Integration/Continuous Delivery platform for the IT team of Enercity AG, Hannover. It is currently in use and was designed to ease the whole application cycle: building, testing, deploying, managing and updating.
Mobile Game Development As Well As Esports
MobileGo started as one of the biggest ICOs in the world at the time - with the focus on mobile game development as well as esports. Our team began the work on MobileGo store, various modules for feeless payment on ETH network as well as Wallets and open source APIs.
Go Green
Charge Phone Less - Receive Rewards
GOG is a Bloxico owned platform, aimed at boosting green behavior (CO2 non-emission) of communities and industries, by:
  • Gathering and verifying green behavior of individuals, companies, and organizations using innovative and comprehensive ways of their measurement.
  • Expressing the verified green behaviors in common units GOG, being 1g of non-emitted CO2
  • Gathering funds available in the Green Energy domain for rewarding of the verified green behavior and sustainability of the GOG platform
GreenCharge App
Aimed At Boosting Green Behavior
Another Bloxico-owned application that incentivizes users upon charging their phone batteries less frequently - rewarding them with virtual currency at an increasing pace for every hour their phone spent off the charger - with 24h being the cap.
RingRing driver
Smart Tracking Technology
RingRing is a biking application located in Amsterdam, Netherlands whose primary goal is to reward people that ride bicycles instead of travelling by car. It uses smart tracking technology to reward these bicycle riders with Energycoin while the energy savings can be seen on the Energycoin dashboard.


Our team consists of 20 developers
and 10 external consultants that are
ready to jump at any challenge.

Nenad Tanasković
Ken Metcalf
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Miloš Solujić
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