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SLAFF is an online platform for a sophisticated affiliate management tool that provides users with an opportunity to profit, manage and invest their earnings.

SLAFF gives people the opportunity to earn profit by providing them access to features that give them the ability to create and increase their affiliate network with a very intuitive process. Due to the sophisticated nature in which Slaff is designed, already established affiliate networks can integrate and utilize affiliate management tools with a few clicks. Marketers can follow purchase trends, analyze affiliate behavior and make corrections to their business plan, therefore increasing their revenue.

Users can utilize SLAFF to manage their financial assets regardless of whether they are earned through the platform. Integration with Revolut and BitGo gives users access to various banking services through SLAFF including EUR bank accounts, currency exchange, cryptocurrency exchange, and peer-to-peer payments and term savings.

If desired so, users can opt-out into investing in various opportunities that the SL business offers, such as Real estate projects, financial programs, and similar.
As a financial management system, SLAFF is designed in a way, so that new financial instruments can be implemented easily. In addition to that each opportunity that SLAFF offers, meaning earn, manage, and invest can be utilized as a separate component.

SLAFF is integrated with a separate product we have developed for the same client called SLEO.



The Keevotary System is Keevo’s digital identity platform. Certification process to authenticate individuals with a cryptographic signature backed up by encrypted Personally Identifiable Information (PII), a notarized affidavit attesting to their identity and a certificate from a US Public Notary via Notarize.com which has verified their identity and supporting information. These cryptographic signatures will enable users to create Keevo Verified Profiles (KVPs) and  verify ownership of the digital assets, like NFTs, which they create. Users can also add other Digital Certificates of Authenticity and Real Asset Passports (DCPs). Together, these KVPs and DCPs will provide additional trust and enhance the value of their digital assets (both initial sale and resale).

MVP solution consists of the following system functionalities:
  • Develop a tokenization process for verification on the blockchain.
  • Enable users to mint a non-transferable NFT which includes their wallet address or certificate tied to the KVP that is stored and encrypted on a third party database.
  • Enable the owner of the KVP to share the public key and verify that the shared KVP belongs to them so that he can access his certificates.
  • Tokenize and create non-transferable NFT Tokens at the completion of each DCP.
  • Payments in ETH to Keevo for each user verification of DCP.

Atala SCAN

Atala Scan
Atala SCAN v1 is a Mobile application through which users can authenticate the origin of the product by scanning an NFC chip attached to the product. We were utilizing Cardano blockchain as a “database” where we stamped proof of product authenticity.

We also developed GUI for producers through which they could generate and stamp those proofs in one click. We were integrating NXP 424 tag as well as Cardano PSG Services in order to achieve this.

The system consisted of three main components. The Mobile Application served as the primary entry point for users, allowing them to scan products using an NFC reader to check their authenticity. After scanning, users were presented with the authenticity status of the product.

The Atala SCAN Backend supported the mobile application by validating the UID and CMAC of the scanned product and checking it against metadata stamped on the Cardano blockchain.

The Product Stamping GUI/CLI was developed for producers and brands to stamp batches of their products on the Cardano blockchain, providing them with the ultimate confidence that their products would remain intact. Together, these three components formed a robust and reliable system for product authenticity verification.

Atala SCAN v2

Evolution of Atala SCAN v1 existing solution and its components by integrating Tangem Wallet cards as supported hardware for product authentication and implementing supporting UX/UI for Atala SCAN mobile application.
Atala Scan
Filecoin Venus

System Test Matrix (Venus)

The Filecoin System Test Matrix is a dashboard with a detailed list of Venus features and behaviors and a mapping between those features and test suites, systems, and subsystems that those features are related to. The main goal of this project is to close the discrepancy between the specification and the actual state of implementation. The System Test Matrix can be used to evaluate the state of Venus at a glance and help new contributors understand how the Filecoin network works.

System Functionalities:

1. A catalog of unique expected behaviors of a Venus node. This catalog is in YAML format and acts as a specification of how different subsystems and subsystems of Venus should behave in given situations with different inputs and is a starting point for writing tests. The Bloxico team provided the base catalog of Lotus behaviors and supported the Venus team with extending the catalog with Venus specific behaviors, and guided the process of exploring and understanding how the architecture of Venus can be mapped to STM systems and subsystems. The quality of this catalog highly impacts the quality of the end results of STM. The Bloxico team was expected to provide a starting point and support for the Venus team.

2. Integration of Go test crawler with the Venus codebase. The Test Crawler scans the repository for tests and parses test annotations (written in our custom format) that map test functions to test behaviors from the previous step. It outputs a JSON report. The Bloxico team supported the Venus developers with adding test annotations to existing test files and helped out with building the habit of annotating future test files, so we can keep the System Test Matrix up to date with each new release. With support from Bloxico test engineers, the Venus developers, for the purpose of documenting the rationale behind existing tests and what behaviors were already tested, annotated all of the test files and produced test crawler reports that are now used to visualize the state of Venus.

We deployed a new Venus-specific dashboard to venus.systemtestmatrix.com. This dashboard should help the Venus developers visualize the current state of Venus, and it’s rendered using the behavior catalog and test crawler output from the previous steps. The dashboard provides a UI for browsing, searching, and visualizing all of the existing behaviors, tests, subsystems, and components of Venus.

System Test Matrix (Lotus)

The goal was to do a detailed analysis of the existing test suites and craft a dashboard of test cases (not metrics, at this stage) that breaks down test scenarios by subsystems and components. Each test case should carry a status indicating if it’s not implemented, in progress, succeeding, or failing (per branch) which will show the current state of Lotus tests, that can be used as a baseline to evaluate future improvements.

Increase the integration test assets coverage using the current integration testing kit developed by the Lotus maintainers, in coordination with PL team as main Protocol Labs approvers of the tests Bloxico will create and improve.

Improve and craft new Acceptance & E2E tests that will be used to evaluate new Lotus releases.

Improve the current state of tooling used by the QA team by proactively identifying valuable additions/improvements, proposing them to the PL team, and implementing them based on agreed prioritization.
Filecoin Lotus


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