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At Bloxico, we uphold responsibility, simplicity, and correctness as our core values, and promote a culture of open communication and solution-focused thinking. We actively promote open communication and encourage a solution-oriented approach to problem-solving. We believe in fostering an environment that encourages open communication and a solution-seeking mindset.

We highly regard the phrase “I don’t know” sentence with a smile as a positive attribute, encouraging our team members to approach challenges with a smile on their face and a willingness to ask questions and seek out answers. As a member of our international team, you’ll have the chance to work on projects that truly make a difference in the world. We’re passionate about effecting real and sustainable change, and we believe that our work can have a positive impact on people’s lives.

Our Values

Our core values include:

  • Consistency (avoiding impulsivity)
  • Responsibility
  • Reliability
  • Effectiveness (focusing on doing the right things)
  • Simplicity (avoiding unnecessary complexity)
  • Continuous improvement
  • Working smart, not hard
  • Solution-seeking mindset (rather than just identifying problems)

These values are integral to our organization’s culture, and we strive to embody them in everything we do.

Our Team

The Bloxico team comprises more than 100 associates, blending the strengths of experience and youth, prioritizing continual growth and learning as the cornerstone of our success. Our team represents a wide range of backgrounds and levels of experience, bringing a wealth of diversity to the table. We differentiate ourselves from other teams in the industry through our steadfast dedication, professionalism, strong work ethic, and a commitment to embracing emerging technologies and ideas. As we continue to grow and expand, we remain committed to maintaining the same level of excellence that has propelled us to our current success.

Founding Team: Nenad Tanaskovic, Milos Solujic, Ken Metcalf, Dragutin Vukotic.

Our Partners
In the portfolio of valuable clients, Bloxico has world-leading Web3 industry-leading players: IOG (Cardano), Protocol Labs (Filecoin), Keevo, DLabs, Twog Nation, Artshares srl, FMS, Institute Mihailo Pupin, Association of Serbian Banks, Block369, Amplyfire, Utrecht University, Final Fight Championship, GG, Harmonity Solutions, We3, ChainApp, CopyLeft, Digital Atrium, Tza.rs, Ethernal, as well as a business presence in South Africa, Europe, Middle East, USA, and Australia.


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Science and Technology Park
Veljka Dugoševića 54

11000 Belgrade, Serbia


Science and Technology Park
Veljka Dugoševića 54

11000 Belgrade, Serbia